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Related article: his mercy at once. The jumping races on the last day were unfortunate. That Order Glipizide an average of four started for the steeplechases was not surprising, nor was the breaking of Hail Shower's neck through falling. In one of the hurdle races one horse slipped up on the flat when rounding the sharp bend where the turf was very smooth and slippery, and brought down two others, The jockeys were badly shaken, and two of the horses were killed. Newmarket and Houghton. — For some the end of the season of 1900 came with this meeting, and it was one of the best wind-ups that can be remembered. On the first day, even, there was quite a crowd in the birdcage, though there was nothing much to see in the way of racing. The promise of an extra good Cambridgeshire was the attractive power at work, and on the second day there was an attendance worthy of the occa- sion. There are always enough starters in the Cambridgeshire to make the race a pretty spectacle, given good light, which this time was not vouchsafed. Twenty-four was the tally, and enough horses were really fancied by their con- nections to please everyone. But 44^ BAILYS MAGAZINE. [Dbcbbibbk the tip of tips was for The Raft, whose trial made him invincible. Whatever the trial was, the colt*s make and shape did not please critics who rely more upon those details than upon stable rumours and the gleanings of touts. But the public do not trouble much about make and shape : The Raft was a certainty, and there was an end of it for them. The colt certainly did not suffer in the matter of jockeyship, for there is no finer jockey in the country than the Hiberno-Columbian DannyMaher. But, ride The Raft as he might — and cutting-down were the tactics adopted — he could not make him win. As in the Cesarewitch, there was only one in it a long way from home, and that one was Berrill. Observers who, in ac- cordance with an astute time- honoured custom, placed them- selves at the Bushes to see the Cesarewitch run, came back with a strong determination to back Berrill for the Cambridgeshire, so well was he going up to that point. Presaging from the positions of horses at this stage has been suc- cessful before now. It was so last year in the case of Irish Ivy, and it was again this year, Berrill winning easily. So far as the two winners are concerned, there is a wonderful family likeness between the two races, the win- ning distance of three lengths being even the same. About La Roche there was nothing of the La Fl^che, for she could never go the pace under her weight. Good Luck's running was noticeable for the amount of ground he made up in the last quarter of a mile. He was a very long way behind nearing the Bushes, yet finished third half a length behind the French representative, Codoman. The position of this colt in the race points to great superiority of the French three-year-olds over our own. This is pronounced enough when Codoman is regarded as at the top of the French three- year-old form, but across the Channel he is by no means re- garded as the best. After the Cambridgeshire there remained but the Dewhurst Plate, and the interest in this was much discounted by the absence of so many prominent two-year-olds. It was not easy to pick anything else than Orchid, although he was Order Glipizide Online giving 7 lb. to Lord Bobs and Revenue. In the Middle Park Plate a fortnight previously Or- chid had well beaten Lord Bobs on the same terms, and there was no reason why the extra furlong should make any alteration. Rain had fallen, but not sufficiently to make any difference, assuming that softer going would be in favour of Lord Bobs. This time Orchid not only failed to beat Lord Bobs, but finished no nearer than fourth. Lord Bobs winning by three-quarters of a length from Revenue. Of course, it was al- ways argued that a horse of the build of Lord Bobs would be served by more time, and such possibly may have Purchase Glipizide Online been the case. The impression made upon me was that Orchid did not run up to his best form. Some interest was taken in the sales. On the Cambridgeshire morning King's Courier, the splen- did American three-year-old, came under the hammer and fetched 5,200 guineas. Who shall say he is dear? Certainly not I. On Thursday Lord Rosebery sent all his stock but one to be sold, and Lads and Lasses galore were to be bought. Not for the asking, precisely, however, two of the Lads fetching four figures each. Eager y. Royal Flush.— In fome ways this match, decided at Hurst Park over six furlongs, on October 27th, was remarkable. I900.] • • OUR VAN. • t 443 It ivas remarkable Cheap Glipizide that it should ever have been made, seeing that three months before Eager was handicapped to give two stone to Royal Flush at this distance. Then the betting was remarkable, too, for at one time bookmakers were prepared to take a very light shade Generic Glipizide of odds. Wishard has had many compliments paid him, but none equal to this. When the race was run the folly of the thing became apparent to all, for Royal Flush never had the re- motest chance. None the less, backers had been held up by sheer terror of the American trainer. There was a large American attendance to witness the match, some having come all the way from America on pur- pose, and the tame result was a grievous disappointment. That Royal Flush was on an " off day " I do not doubt, but at his best he could scarcely cope with Eager at even weights. The match was provocative of an addition to the rules. The man- agement had added a cup valued at 500 sovs., and the rule said that extra weight was not in- Purchase Glipizide curred in respect of matches and private sweepstakes. The ad-